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Working with their team again

By: GeralynFork | April 14, 2015

After contacting nearly a dozen other companies (where most didn't even call back!), Monster Plow called us and was a lifesaver! They were responsive, honest and offered competitive prices for our project and were an overall pleasure to work with. Needless to say, we are thrilled with the results and look forward to working with their team again.

Monster Plowing Company

1655 Dupont Street Unit #5 Toronto, ON

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Snow Maintenance services

By: ChrisJK | March 5, 2015

We hired Paramount Landscaping last year at the start of the summer season and have been using them for the last 11 months or so. Although the company is fairly new to us I would like to comment on how professional they are. Their team is very knowledgeable, their work is very detailed and their customer service and education for the customer is awesome. I have dealt with many contractors in my day and I love how professional they are. If you are looking for a better customer service, you will get what you pay for with this company.

Thanks again Nick and Chris for all your hard work and everyone else in the Paramount team.

Chris in Campbellville

Service pourri

By: non-member | February 19, 2015

Syljack est la pire compagnie de déneigement que j'ai utilisé à date. Tout les autres déneigeur ont au moins passé une fois aujourd'hui le 19 février 2015 mais pas Syljack. À toutes les tempête c'est la même histoire lorsqu'on appelle on nous dit qu'ils sont en route mais les deux dernières tempêtes ils sont finalement passés à 7.00 hrs. p.m. pour la première tempête et 11.33 hrs. p.m. pour l'autre tempête. Mieux que çà lorsque nous appelons on nous répond qu'on est le seul à se plaindre même si deux voisins sont dehors avec les cellulaires et que nous appelons un après l'autre pour ce plaindre du service.

Deneigement Syljack Inc

4297 Rue King Pierrefonds, QC

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really bad horrible service I'd...

By: dawnleeb | May 14, 2014

My sister and I are seniors and live in a house. We contracted Green Blade for snow removal services winter of 2013-2014. They insisted we pay in advance and then proceeded to mistreat us. They refused to come and fix the problems they created. They often refused to come at all. I sent email pictures of the damage they were causing to my back gate and steps. Their solution to the problem was to quit us and returned a small portion of our advance payment with no accounting of how they arrived at the figure. They ripped us they robbed us and they left us high and dry with no help at all. When word got out over social media, a very nice your gentleman was so appalled that he offered to do it for the rest of the winter. I paid him. He did a good job. Now I am waiting for the builder to come and give me an estimate on fixing the back gate.


By: non-member | February 2, 2014

- never comes to plow our snow when we need him to (i.e. it would snow for 12 hours+ and still no show)
- our family always ends up shoveling ourselves because we cannot get in or out of our driveway without doing so
- very frustrated because we paid over $300 without getting the service we need/expected
- recommended him to a couple of our neighbors hoping that would motivate him to do a better job, but obviously that did not happen
- conclusion: if you want a reliable snow removal company, this is NOT the one

Freedom Outdoors

8 German Mills Rd. Thornhill, ON

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Best Service Ever!

By: non-member | August 20, 2013

I have dealt with several snow removal and lawn cutting companies. None were as good as Ray. In three years I have not been disappointed with their service. No matter what the weather, my driveway is clear with no damage to my lawn or curbs. Their rates are also fabulous. Well worth every cent I've spent to have the worry of snow removal and grass cutting taken away. I definitely recommend this company.

Reliable Service

By: non-member | January 4, 2013

RESIDENTIAL also services North York where I live. A neighbour who has been serviced by RESIDENTIAL for five years highly recommended it to me. This is now my third year with RESIDENTIAL. I have to say they are very reliable, so far this season, they have been here three times to clear the snow. Job well done!

Residential Snow Svc

4060 19th Ave Markham, ON

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