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Avoid at all costs

By: leahyoung14 | March 24, 2018

Thanks Winston Miller for ripping up a part of my grandmothers lawn that we just redid over the summer while plowing the snow.

I’ve called and left multiple messages never received a phone call. Super unprofessional and will not be using your service ever again.

If anyone wants pictures I have attached them for your viewing.

WORST service by far on the West Island

By: Eugene | March 14, 2018

I thought we had bad service with Duraguard, but Syljack managed to be worse. On their contract, it says that they will come before 6 am- I leave at 6h30, and so far during this very snowy winter, they only came before 6 once out of the 9 times or so that they came. I complained twice at the beginning, only to have the driver (I don't see who else would have done that in the morning) throw coffee on our garage door. Nothing like trying to shovel snow at minus 25 when you have to drive your kid to school. Never again will I sign with them!

Wrongful tickets

By: Falonb1 | January 19, 2017

This company is horrible. They issued me a ticket after i called and registered my vehicle. Ive offered them proof to show that i followed the rules. They said no we dont care what proof you have. They then started changing the rules saying the car that i registered is not considered a visitor. Even tho the person doesn't live here. There is no office that i can go into to dispute the ticket. I guess better business burea should be looking into this

The worst service I have ever had

By: Snowplayer | January 21, 2016

I called them with a problem weeks before Christmas, they said the would be out the following week. That came and went, sill I trusted them to come out. I called them many times and they always said they would call back. Never heard form them. Called yesterday, now it is Jan 21, Oh yes we will get back in touch later this afternoon. Nothing!!! If you need something done DON'T call Rush Services.

Horrible service

By: non-member | December 28, 2015

As you know, we received our first snow today the 27th of December. Needless to say the snow removal companies have not been out once yet. Well today, neither was Vanderzon. Funny though, I saw every other snow removal company out in full force in our neighbourhood. To tell you the truth I haven't been happy with their service for the past 3 years but my husband was willing to give them another chance. I always seemed to be able to shovel my entire driveway by the time they came around, even after work. Think twice before hiring them.

Snow Maintenance services

By: ChrisJK | March 5, 2015

We hired Paramount Landscaping last year at the start of the summer season and have been using them for the last 11 months or so. Although the company is fairly new to us I would like to comment on how professional they are. Their team is very knowledgeable, their work is very detailed and their customer service and education for the customer is awesome. I have dealt with many contractors in my day and I love how professional they are. If you are looking for a better customer service, you will get what you pay for with this company.

Thanks again Nick and Chris for all your hard work and everyone else in the Paramount team.

Chris in Campbellville


By: non-member | February 2, 2014

- never comes to plow our snow when we need him to (i.e. it would snow for 12 hours+ and still no show)
- our family always ends up shoveling ourselves because we cannot get in or out of our driveway without doing so
- very frustrated because we paid over $300 without getting the service we need/expected
- recommended him to a couple of our neighbors hoping that would motivate him to do a better job, but obviously that did not happen
- conclusion: if you want a reliable snow removal company, this is NOT the one

Reliable Service

By: non-member | January 4, 2013

RESIDENTIAL also services North York where I live. A neighbour who has been serviced by RESIDENTIAL for five years highly recommended it to me. This is now my third year with RESIDENTIAL. I have to say they are very reliable, so far this season, they have been here three times to clear the snow. Job well done!